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Inventory items can be added to a Logbook individually or in batches. To upload large data sets of information into ALICE (Ex: Equipment Logbook), upload Inventory Items in bulk through the Inventory Loader

Inventory items that are typically added individually are for Logbooks like Lost & Found, Packages, and Rentals, for example.

To upload inventory items in bulk, an Inventory Loader is available. The Inventory Loader also allows for edits and updates to inventory items to be made quickly and easily. This feature is primarily used to upload an equipment asset list Logbook for Preventative Maintenance.


  1. Select the “Logbooks” tab.

  2. Select a Logbook from the icon column on the left side of the screen.

  3. Select “Add” to begin adding Inventory Items to the Logbook.  

  4. Select “Multiple”.

  5. Select the “Type” of Inventory Items you are editing from the dropdown. If you are not editing one specific “Type”, select “All Types”

  6. Select “Download the Current Sheet” to initiate a download of an Excel template with the existing data pre-loaded.

  7. Open the file and make any necessary changes. DO NOT make any changes to the ALICE InventoryID. This column should remain unmodified as it is the unique identifier for the Inventory Items in ALICE.

  8. Save the file and return to ALICE and the Logbook tab.

  9. Select “Add”, then “Multiple” to return to the Inventory Loader.

  10. Select “Upload Sheet” then select the saved file to initiate the upload.