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QR Codes



QR Codes are barcodes intended to link equipment assets to equipment data housed on the ALICE application. Rolling out QR Codes can support a property’s preventative maintenance programs by making it quick and easy for engineers to view information associated with property equipment. 


Deploying QR Codes can save engineers time as they perform preventative maintenance on property. They can simply scan the code sticker and ALICE will redirect them to the Equipment Details page to view all tickets associated with that particular piece of equipment. 

(lightbulb) Things to Consider

  • When producing QR codes for your property, ensure that each QR code is unique as it will be linked to a unique equipment asset on site. ImageTek Labels is an ALICE preferred vendor for unique QR codes. Please work directly with the vendor to order.

  • Rolling out QR Codes will involve affixing QR Code stickers to equipment assets which will take time. Determine a rollout schedule that will work best for your team. Consider rolling out in phases, focusing on your high-priority assets first. 

  • QR Codes can be linked on mobile devices via the ALICE Staff app. If they need to be unlinked for any reason, they can be unlinked on the web application of ALICE. 

(tick) Best Practices 

  • Try to be consistent with the location and placement of QR Code stickers so they are easy for maintenance staff to locate quickly. 

  • Use the QR Codes Linked report to track your progress during the deployment process.