Add Escalation Rule

Escalations are a call to action on an open ticket that should be closed out promptly.

To avoid becoming desensitized by the urgency that Escalations highlight, try to keep them to a minimum. Before considering escalations, ensure you have strong usage across staff. When requesting this feature, we recommend considering these questions:

  1. What property goals would benefit from escalations?

  2. What are realistic standards for ticket completion?

  3. Do you adhere to those standards today?

User Type & Roles

Only ALICE Staff can add an Escalation Rule to an account.

Download the Escalation Intake form below, then submit the completed form to

Things to Consider

Escalation Triggers

Ticket Due Date: Based on minutes after a due date has passed on a ticket that is not closed. Escalation will send once the escalation time has passed on an overdue open ticket.

Alert: Based on a ticket’s alert settings. Escalation will send once the escalation time has passed after a ticket alert has been triggered.

Not Accepted: Based on the tickets status. Escalation will trigger once the escalation time has passed if the ticket is still in an unacknowledged/start/new state.

Escalation Methods

Email: Sends an email to a specific list of email addresses or a distribution list email address (recommended). Since this method can send an individual escalation per ticket, the content of the email is configurable.

Consider using a distribution list as the recipient emails rather than personalized email addresses to avoid having to submit support tickets to update the Escalation Rule if the personalized emails or individual recipients change. Creating a distribution list would allow teams to manage the recipient emails without the help of the ALICE support team.

Push (Mobile): Generates a push notification on ALICE Staff app (mobile). This method designed for users on the go, without access to ALICE Desktop (web).

Pop Up (Web): Generates a pop up window on ALICE Desktop (web). Must have pop-up blocker turned off.

In-App (Web): Generates a message within the same window and browser tab where ALICE is open.

Escalation Time

Escalations time (in minutes) controls when the escalation will send based on the escalation trigger.

Escalated Tickets Filter and Notification

Create a saved filter to show a view of all escalated tickets on the ticket dashboard.

Escalations filters are only available if you have escalation rules set up for your property.







The warning icon signifies a ticket that has been escalated.


Download the Escalation Intake form below, then submit the completed form to