Add Escalations

Escalations are a way to call attention to a ticket that needs to be completed. To put it simply, it is a friendly call to action for a ticket that still needs attention. For optimal experience, a property must be using ALICE for at least three months before requesting the escalations feature. Before requesting this feature, we recommend considering these questions:

  1. What property goals would benefit from escalations?

  2. What are realistic standards for ticket completion?

  3. Do you adhere to those standards today?

Escalations are useful to ensure the completion of important guest requests. Here are some use cases:

  • A guest requests bath towels to be delivered and the housekeeping team receives the request. However, it is a busy day and the guest request gets lost in the long list of tickets. A push escalation can remind the team that there is still an outstanding request.  

  • A guest complaint is logged in ALICE by the front desk staff after a guest expressed a disappointing experience at the restaurant. ALICE can dispatch an email to your property’s management team to reinforce guest recovery standards.

Things to Consider

Escalated Tickets Filter and Notification

ALICE has a filter that gives you a clear view of which tickets have been escalated. With this filter, it is easy to consolidate the view to identify which requests need immediate attention. It is also possible to create a Saved Filter to view all escalated tickets if these tickets are frequently referenced.

Escalations filters are only available if you have escalation rules set up for your property.




ALICE also displays an escalations icon on the ticket list to call out tickets that have been escalated.

Escalation Methods

  • Email - Recommended: Sends an email to a specific group of people included in a distribution list. Since this method can send an individual escalation per ticket, the content of the email is configurable.

  • Push: Generates a generic push notification on ALICE Staff app (mobile). This method designed for users on the go, without access to ALICE Desktop (web).

With Escalations, less is more. To avoid becoming desensitized by the urgency that Escalations highlight, try to keep them to a minimum. Before considering escalations, ensure you have strong usage across staff.

To implement escalation rules for your operation, contact to determine eligibility and receive an intake form.