Guest Messaging (SMS/Whatsapp)

Messaging (SMS/Whatsapp) Overview

Send direct, automated, or property-wide broadcast messages to guests for multiple options for real-time, contactless communication.

Things to Consider

  • When a new SMS is received, any user that has access to SMS/Chat tab will receive a notification both on ALICE Desktop (web) and ALICE Staff app (mobile).

  • When a user marks a conversation as read, the notifications will stop populating in ALICE for all users. It will also track that change in the history of the conversation so all users can see who and when the conversation was marked as read.

  • To dismiss a new message notification and mark the message as read, select “Mark as Read” from the notification on the Ticket tab, from the SMS tab, or from within the conversation itself.

Best Practices

  • It is best practice to close a conversation after it is finished and no further action for the guest is required. When a conversation is closed, it will still be available by toggling over to the “closed” conversations filter.

  • Closed conversations automatically re-open when a guest replies. Messages can also be re-opened by users.

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