Add Dispatch Rule

Dispatch is a way to push ticket information to users outside of the ALICE platform. As a reminder, ALICE has an unlimited user model which is intended to allow you to invite all property staff to collaborate within ALICE. However, there may be circumstances that require you to push information to users outside of your ALICE account, in those circumstances, a dispatch rule can be set up by ALICE staff to send ticket details via email.

User Type & Roles

Only ALICE Staff can add a Dispatch Rule to an account. Contact to submit a ticket for a new Dispatch Rule.

Include the following information:

  • Property Name

  • Facility & Service to apply the Dispatch Rule

  • Recipient email addresses

Consider using a distribution list as the recipient emails rather than personalized email addresses to avoid having to submit support tickets to update the Dispatch Rule if the personalized emails or individual recipients change. Creating a distribution list would allow teams to manage the recipient emails without the help of the ALICE support team.


Things to Consider

  • Recipients can reply to the email to update the ticket. Only the first line of text will be analyzed by ALICE as a “response”

    • Use the specific hashtags mentioned in the email to update the status.

    • Any notes added will be included in the “Internal Notes” section of the ticket.

  • Dispatch Rules are only available as an email.