Using SMS Confirmation Message Templates

In this article we cover how to use SMS Confirmation templates for your property. SMS Confirmation templates allow you to confirm dining reservations, events, and anything that has a ticket in ALICE with just one click. Just click on the SMS Confirmation button and then click send.

User Type & Roles

To use SMS Confirmations, users need access to the SMS/Chat tab in ALICE.
To configure SMS Confirmations, Hotel Admins and Hotel User Admins need permissions to manage Chat Message Templates.


Check your current message templates in admin to ensure you have a working SMS Confirmation template. More info on how to configure them can be found here.

  1. Let’s assume we already have an SMS Confirmation template for Dining Reservations, and we have a guest ticket already requested for a dining reservation.

  2. Navigate to the SMS/Chat tab in ALICE.

  3. Open a conversation with the guest whose dining reservation ticket already exists in the system.

  4. On the Tickets panel (right of chat), hover over the Dining Reservation ticket.

  5. Click on the SMS Confirmation icon.

  6. You will see the SMS Confirmation template pasted onto the chat’s input field.

  7. Feel free to review and click Send to quickly share the confirmation text with your guest.

You can create as many SMS Confirmation templates as you want - there is a limit of 1 template per Service.

Additional Notes:

  • Users can also access the SMS Confirmation shortcut from the Guests tab. Please know the text will only paste if the conversation already exists, meaning, you have already sent or received a message for that specific guest reservation:


  • SMS Confirmation templates are not available for selection in the Templates menu: