iFrame for CRM

This guide will explain how to configure a CRM iFrame for the ALICE platform, as well as how end users should expect to use it.

⚙️ Configuration

iFrame for CRM is configurable only at the group level of a hotel and will be enabled for all hotels that are part of the group.

All users with access to the Guests tab will have access to the iFrame and should be able to authenticate as needed.

  1. Access the hotel group by navigating to Admin > Hotel Group Info.

  2. Navigate to the field called Customer Relationship Management URL:

  1. Fill in URL as advised by your company’s IT team.

  2. Save the configuration in the group settings.

💻 Functionality

  1. For a user to access the CRM iFrame, they need to navigate to the ALICE Guest tab.

  2. Find any reservation that has a valid reservation confirmation number and click on it.

  3. Once in the reservation details, the user will see a new tab called Customer Relationship Management:

  1. When the tab is clicked, the user will be able to see the CRM profile associated with the given reservation.