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Rooms Overview

View and manage housekeeping room boards on ALICE Desktop (web).

  • Add Room Boards.

  • View progress of boards and manage the prioritization of rooms.

  • View room details including room number, room status, and housekeeping task type.

Each day, new boards can be created via the Rooms tab. Boards display a sum of room information to make it easy to understand each room attendant’s workload for the day.

The following informational columns will populate with credit totals once rooms have been assigned:

  • Assigned: Total number of credits assigned / Maximum number of Credits by Room Attendant (max credits are configured in ALICE Admin).

  • Suitcase Icon: Total number of credits for departure cleanings.

  • Person Icon: Total number of credits for stayover cleanings.

  • Dirty: Total number of credits from rooms with “Dirty” status. This column updates dynamically as room attendants work to show progress throughout the day.

  • Clean: Total number of credits from rooms with “Clean” status. This column updates dynamically as room attendants work to show progress throughout the day.

  • Inspected: Total number of credits from rooms with “Inspected” status. This column updates dynamically as room attendants work to show progress throughout the day.



The icon color indicates the workflow status, showing the progress of the housekeeping task.

Availability Status: ALICE displays out-of-order rooms by adding a slash to the room status icon; while out-of-service rooms are represented with a dash. This feature is currently only available to Opera or Infor users.


The OOO and OOS statuses are received from the PMS integration.

When the availability status is received from the PMS the current housekeeping task status is retained in ALICE.

Once the room is returned to “Available” (from OOO or OOS), ALICE will receive and display the cleanliness status from by the PMS.

As a best practice, update the cleaning status in Opera when you place the room back in order to avoid discrepancies.  

Gold Numbers: Indicate a room with VIP status.

Suitcase Icon: Cleaning Task Type is associated with a Departure.

Person Icon: Cleaning Task Type is associated with a Stayover.

Open Tickets: A black dot on the bottom of the room number indicates there is an OPEN ticket that needs attention before you can release the room.

Connecting Rooms/ Virtual Suites (BETA)

Room Details:

Reservation Status

To gain access to Rooms Tab on mobile, a user must have at least Employee User Type access.

The user must also have the following settings within “Roles” enabled”

  • Access to “Rooms” tab.

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🔐 User Type & Roles

(lightbulb) Things to Consider

  • Room Attendants will access ALICE via Rooms- Mobile.

  • To access room details, right-click the room number on a board.

    • Room History is also accessible via room details. Room History tracks changes to the housekeeping task for rooms on the current date. Changes tracked include PMS updates, assignment changes, and workflow updates. Room History is only available on ALICE Desktop (web). To view Room History for past dates, use Housekeeping Audit Log Report.

  • Create an Internal Request or Guest Request ticket from the Rooms tab by using the “i” (Internal Request) or “g” (Guest Request) key on the keyboard.

  • Use Internal Notes for staff-to-staff communication about rooms.
    Add an Internal Note to Rooms - Web

  • One-time special requests/instructions can be noted in the “Special Instructions” field in the room details (right-click a room on the board to access the room details).
    To note a request or special instruction that will persist throughout the reservation, use the “Notes” field within the Guests tab.

  • Connecting Rooms and Virtual Suites (BETA) can be configured in ALICE Admin, making the rooms and their connections visible between both ALICE Desktop (web) and ALICE Staff App (mobile) users. Learn more about how to Configure Connecting Rooms and Virtual Suites.

(tick) Best Practices

  • Use the search bar to quickly locate a room number or room attendant, whether assigned or unassigned. Press “Enter” on the keyboard to initiate the search. ALICE is capable of performing partial searches. Search results will be highlighted in yellow.

  • Use “Spotlight” to highlight rooms within the boards that fit particular search criteria. Select “Spotlight” then select checkboxes to emphasize rooms that match the criteria selected.

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