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  1. Toggle to “PM” Shift in the upper left corner. 

  2. To begin building Turndown boards, generate the PM Shift boards based on previous AM activity. Select “Start” to generate Turndown tasks.

  3. Select the Manage Staff button in the center of the screen or in the upper left corner.

  4. Select the Room Attendants that will be on duty for the PM shift, then select “Save”. 

  5. Use the Unassigned Rooms filters to narrow the list of unassigned rooms and make it easier to build boards manually. Rooms can be filtered by Room Status, Room Type, and Housekeeping Task (Availability - OOO / OOS is available for Opera and Infor customers only).

  6. Select a room(s) from the list of unassigned rooms.
    Use Ctrl + Click to select multiple non-consecutive rooms.
    Use Shft + Click to select multiple consecutive rooms.

  7. Click and hold to drag the room(s) to any Room Attendant board.

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  8. Once the boards have been created, the housekeeping tasks will be available on Rooms - Mobile.