Add Turndown Room Boards

Turndown in ALICE gives Housekeeping teams the ability to manage an evening shift. With Turndown, Managers/Coordinators will be able to toggle the Housekeeping Rooms Tab from AM to PM where they can assign and manage evening staff boards.  

Creating PM boards mirrors the same process as creating AM boards.

  • The rooms requiring turndown will be identified from a list and assigned to specific room attendants. 

  • Room attendants will have access to their assigned rooms via mobile and have visibility into the guest and type of cleaning service assigned. 

  • Room attendants will update the rooms assigned to them as they complete work by changing the status on each room, communicating progress to the manager/coordinator on duty. 

User Type & Roles

To perform this action in ALICE, the user must have at least Employee User Type access.

The user must also have the following settings within “Roles” enabled”

  • Access to “Rooms” tab.

  • Access to “Edit” Assignments and Priorities under Rooms (Room Assignment).

Things to Consider

  • Turndown housekeeping task status updates do not interface with the PMS.

  • Turndown is based on who is in-house (or going to be in-house) on the current night. Rooms have the potential to change during the day. To account for this, when the evening supervisor goes on shift, they will generate the tasks for the evening. ALICE will take the latest room information into account when determining if a room needs turndown or not. Rooms that do not generate turndown keep the task and status they had on the AM board, and are still assignable. 

  • Bed Icons next to room numbers will indicate Turndown tasks on ALICE Desktop (web).

  • Turndown tasks can only be changed into other types of Turndown tasks. Rooms cannot be changed from a Turndown task into any other task type.


  1. Toggle to “PM” Shift in the upper left corner. 

  2. To begin building Turndown boards, generate the PM Shift boards based on previous AM activity. Select “Start” to generate Turndown tasks.

  3. Select the Manage Staff button in the center of the screen or in the upper left corner.

  4. Select the Room Attendants that will be on duty for the PM shift, then select “Save”. 

  5. Use the Unassigned Rooms filters to narrow the list of unassigned rooms and make it easier to build boards manually. Rooms can be filtered by Room Status, Room Type, and Housekeeping Task (Availability - OOO / OOS is available for Opera and Infor customers only).

  6. Select a room(s) from the list of unassigned rooms.
    Use Ctrl + Click to select multiple non-consecutive rooms.
    Use Shft + Click to select multiple consecutive rooms.

  7. Click and hold to drag the room(s) to any Room Attendant board.

  8. Once the boards have been created, the housekeeping tasks will be available on Rooms - Mobile.