Room Attendant Quickstart Guide

Room Attendants are the heart of the Housekeeping division, ensuring rooms are clean for the ultimate guest experience.

A Room Attendant exclusively uses the ALICE Staff app (mobile) to perform the following key tasks:

  • View List of Assigned Rooms

  • Update Room Progress

  • Create Tickets for Additional Work


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Suggested User Permissions

User Type: Employee

Roles Settings

Access to the “Ticket List” and “Rooms” tab.

Access to “Rooms” and “My Board” in Room Assignment Mobile Tabs

Access to “Limited (up to clean)” in Rooms (Room Assignment)

Access to Tickets

  • “Add”, “View”, “Close” Housekeeping Tickets

  • “Add” Maintenance Tickets

Provide or restrict access to guest reservation information as needed using the “Guest Information” section.