Rooms Tab - Mobile

Rooms Tab - Mobile Overview

Housekeeping users who perform their duties on the go have access to the Rooms Tab via the ALICE Staff app (mobile). Room Attendants and Housekeeping Supervisor/Inspectors will be using the ALICE Staff app (mobile) most commonly to:


Room List


1 - Room Number (Gold color indicates VIP status)

2 - Reservation Status Icon

3 - Room Type

4 - Housekeeping Task Icon

5 - Number of Guests - Adults & Children

6 - Associated Ticket Icon

7 - Internal Note Icon

8 - Reservation Details (Guest Name and Stay Dates)

9 - VIP Code

10 - Room Attendant Assigned

11 - Workflow Status Icon

Reservation Status


Workflow Status (may differ by property)




1 - Purple header indicates evening shift.

2 - Bed Icon indicates Turndown task.

3 - Purple workflow icon indicates a room where Turndown has not been started (Dirty).

The room list and room details on the evening shift will show the same room/guest details as the day shift (as shown in Room Details screenshot above).


Connecting Rooms and Virtual Suites (BETA) will appear with an interlocking ring icon when they are in a connected state.


When Connecting Rooms are in a disconnected state, no icon will appear.




User Type & Roles

To gain access to Rooms Tab on mobile, a user must have at least Employee User Type access.

The user should be granted appropriate access levels in Roles based on the tasks they will be performing.

Users who are servicing rooms (Room Attendants):

  • Access to “Rooms” and “My Board” in Room Assignment Mobile Tabs

  • Access to “Limited (up to clean)” in Rooms (Room Assignment)

  • Access to “View” and “Close” in Room Assignment Facility - Tickets.

Users who are inspecting serviced rooms/supervising room attendant staff:

  • Access to “Rooms”, “All Rooms”, and “Staff” under Room Assignment Mobile Tabs.

  • Access to “Unlimited (up to Inspected)” in Rooms (Room Assignment).

  • Access to “Add”, “View”, “Close”, Assign in Room Assignment Facility - Tickets.

Any Housekeeping User:

  • Provide or restrict access to guest reservation information as needed using the “Guest Information” section.

Things to Consider

Rooms Tab - Mobile is accessible via the “Rooms” icon.

The visibility of features within the tab is controlled by Roles, as outlined above.

  • All Rooms - displays a complete overview of rooms assigned to boards for the current day.

  • My Section - displays only room assigned to boards within the user’s housekeeping section

  • AM Total - view the number of rooms marked dirty, clean, or skipped for the day shift.

  • PM Total - view the number of rooms marked dirty, clean, or skipped for the evening shift (Turndown).



Best Practices

  • The dirty rooms will populate at the top of the list, so room attendants should work each room from the top of the list, down. The room list is prioritized by the rules set up via Autopilot or manual updates from the room boards on ALICE Desktop (web).

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