Update a Room - Mobile

Users can update a room status as work is started and completed. Updating tickets as they are being serviced gives everyone on the Housekeeping team visibility into the progress of the day’s work.

User Type & Roles

To perform this action in ALICE, the user must have at least Employee User Type access.

The user must also have the following settings within “Roles” enabled”

  • Access to “Rooms” tab.

  • Access to “Rooms” and “My Board” in Room Assignment Mobile Tabs

    Access to “Limited (up to clean)” in Rooms (Room Assignment)

Things to Consider

  • The Room list will display rooms with a status “Dirty” at the top. Rooms will be prioritized on ALICE Desktop (web) via the Room Boards.

  • Rooms that need to be rushed can be updated from ALICE Desktop (web) and will move to the top of the Room list on ALICE Staff app (mobile).


  1. Select a Room from the Room list to open the housekeeping task or tap the status icon from the list view.

  2. The status icon will update to the start state.

  3. Select the status icon to continue to update the status as the room is serviced.

  4. Select a clean status to show that the room has been completed.