Feature Updates

The ALICE product team is committed to continuous improvement. Check out these recent releases to make sure you’re getting the most out of your ALICE account!


February 2023


On the Rooms Tab on web, users can now update the housekeeping task (clean type), rush room status, and/or the room status in bulk by selecting multiple rooms and updating the field. “Multiple” will display if the task types, rush status, or room status are different in the rooms selected.


January 2023


On mobile, Room attendants can now see both Due Out and Due In guest reservation information for the rooms that are assigned to them.

December 2022


Filter the list of Unassigned Rooms, then use Auto-Assign and the Auto-Assign will now assign rooms based on that filtered list of rooms.

Front of House

Added the ability to expand a ticket to see ticket details directly from the SMS/Chat tab. Simply right-click on any ticket and a new ticket details page will appear as a pop-up.


November 2022


Multi-select rooms from any room attendant board in to expedite updates - Use Shift + Click to select consecutive rooms or Ctrl/Command + Click to select non-consecutive rooms from any board. Then drag and drop to any room attendant board to reassign. This improvement only includes the ability to multi-select from room boards, not from both room boards and the unassigned rooms section.


New “Room Status” Spotlight Filter - Spotlight by Room Status to easily find rooms that are in a certain stage of cleaning.

Mobile Gestures - Swipe right on mobile to return to a previous screen. This gesture will mimic the “back button” behavior that currently exists on mobile.

October 2022

Front of House

Updated Icons - Updated email and chat icons. These updates remove the duplicated email icon in the Tickets tab.


Room Attendant Search - Select “Manage Staff” in the Rooms tab from ALICE Desktop (web) and check out the new search feature to help find room attendants more quickly and easily. This is especially useful for hotels with large lists of room attendants. Search for whole names or simply begin typing to find partial matches. Any room attendants names that match the search will be highlighted in the list view.

September 2022

Front of House

Hyperlinks - New functionality allows for links (URLs) to be added as hyperlinks into the following spaces:

  • Pinned Notes

  • Internal Notes in Tickets

  • Checklist Items

    Hyperlinks are only accessible on ALICE Desktop (web).


Room Boards (Web) - Added a column for the status “Skip” so that housekeeping coordinators and managers have visibility into the number of rooms assigned a workflow state that is a “Skip” state.

August 2022

No major releases to user experience.

July 2022

Security & Data Privacy

Forgot Password Link on Mobile - Alice Staff App users are now able to access a “Forgot Password” link to from the login page of the app to reset their password. Users must have an email saved in their user profile within ALICE to reset their password. The user will select “Forgot Password” then enter the email when prompted. If the email matches the record in ALICE, a link to reset the password will be sent to that email address.

Front of House

Disable the “Other” Service Option - This setting will remove the default option for “Other” to be selected as the Service for any ticket during ticket creation. Any Hotel Admin user may contact support at support@actabl.com to enable this setting.

June 2022

No major releases to user experience.

May 2022

Security & Data Privacy

Add Emails to Distribution List for Data Retention Policy - Hotel Admins can add additional emails to receive a confirmation of data anonymization. (Hotel Admin Users will automatically receive this email and do not need to be manually added to the list.)

Anonymize Individual Guest Reservation Information - ALICE’s data anonymization tool allows Hotel Admin users to remove the reservation information for individual reservations via the Guest Tab.

April 2022

Security & Data Privacy

Guest Tab/Data Retention Policy - An indicator was added to the Guest Tab so that any user with access to the guest tab is aware when the Data Retention Policy is enabled and active and has visibility into what the retention time period is. Learn more about the Data Retention Period.


Mobile Improvements - Mobile Rooms will populate a message of “No Rooms Yet” to make it clear when a blank screen is intended.

Mobile Improvements - The reorder option will no longer be available for Room Attendants with no rooms assigned. The reorder option will be greyed out and cannot be selected.

March 2022

Security & Data Privacy

Data Retention Periods - ALICE provides the flexibility to adjust the Data Retention Period to adhere to your local government regulations and have greater control over guests’ PII (Personal Identifiable Information). Hotel Admins can visit Security & Data Privacy in ALICE Admin and set the retention period to a minimum of 1 day or a maximum of 5 years.

Front of House

Improved Mobile Ticket Performance - Improved the visibility of the “Internal” or “Guest ” status of a request/ticket. The text is now bold and the guest name associated with the reservation is highlighted in blue.

Preventative Maintenance

Guests Room Tracker - Guest Room Tracker is now available to Preventative Maintenance customers. Once the Guest Room Tracker Logbook has been enabled, engineering teams can initiate tickets from the logbook to manage their Guest Room Preventative Maintenance.

Please contact support@actabl.com to have Guest Room Tracker enabled in your ALICE account.


Internal Notes - Internal Notes allows teams to communicate important, real-time information about rooms being serviced by Housekeeping teams, from within ALICE.

Mobile Room Rush - To prioritize a room when a guest is waiting for service, a room can be rushed manually on ALICE Staff App (mobile).

Restricted Room Attendant Boards - Restricted Room Attendant (RA) Boards give Housekeeping leadership more control over the order of room cleaning by displaying only the highest priority dirty room to Room Attendants on the ALICE Staff App (mobile) Rooms Tab. 


Return Later - Manage the timing for rooms that will need to be returned to at a later time due to any type of room skip from the room boards.

February 2022

ALICE Staff App (mobile)

Photos Improvement - Photos on ALICE Staff App can be enlarged by using the pinch-out gesture (to zoom in) and pinch-in gesture (to zoom out).


Turndown - Turndown is now available to ALICE Housekeeping customers. With Turndown, Managers/Coordinators will be able to toggle the Housekeeping Rooms Tab from AM to PM where they can assign and manage evening staff boards.  

January 2022