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December 2022 - No webinar; we’ll pick back up in January 2023!

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November 2022

Advanced ALICE | Alerts, Escalations, and Automation - Watch the Recording

Looking for ways to level up your ALICE account? Join us to learn about setting up alerts for tickets approaching a due date, escalations that call attention to outstanding tickets, and housekeeping ticket automation. This webinar is intended for operations managers.

October 2022

ALICE Reports | Insights to Drive Outcomes - Watch the Recording

ALICE has over 30 out-of-the-box reports that compile data entered across the ALICE platform. Learn more about some of our customer favorites and how to best utilize them to drive outcomes. Not seeing what you're looking for in our reporting tool? We can solve for that too! This webinar is intended for operations managers.

September 2022

ALICE FOH | What’s New at ALICE? - Watch the Recording

We've got some exciting updates to share! Join our ALICE experts to learn more about some key updates and new features released this summer. This webinar is intended for any ALICE user but will focus on Front of House and Security & Data Privacy features.

August 2022

No Webinar Held

July 2022

ALICE Back to Basics | Checklists - Watch the Recording

In our third and final installment of this Back to Basics series, we covered checklists from start to finish! Learn about best practices for creating effective checklists in ALICE, completing checklists on ALICE Staff App (mobile), and reviewing relevant reports.

June 2022

ALICE Back to Basics | Logbooks - Watch the Recording

In this second installment of our Back to Basics series, our experts took a dive into the many uses of Logbooks in ALICE; looking at common logbooks like Lost & Found and Packages, as well as exploring some unique use cases that we've seen properties use successfully. This webinar is intended for any users with ALICE Desktop (web) access.

May 2022

ALICE Back to Basics | User Management - Watch the Recording

Take it back to basics and review user management in ALICE - covering the "Manage Users" and "Roles" menu options in ALICE Admin. This webinar is intended for Hotel User Admins or Hotel Admins.

April 2022

ALICE Housekeeping | Turndown Training - Watch the Recording

Housekeeping teams can now manage an evening shift for basic turndown tasks. Take an in-depth look at how Turndown works in ALICE so you can decide if it's right for you! This webinar is intended for housekeeping teams and/or operations managers.

March 2022

ALICE Preventative Maintenance | Guest Room Tracker - Watch the Recording

Take a deep dive into the new ALICE Room Tracker tool to manage the Preventative Maintenance process for guest rooms on property. This webinar is intended for Engineering ALICE users.

February 2022

ALICE Admin | Building Ticket Fields - Watch the Recording

The configurability of the ALICE platform allows properties to build ticket fields that make sense for their unique operations. Learn how to create common service options, including dropdowns and checklists. This webinar is intended for Hotel Admins/ Operations team leadership.

January 2022

ALICE Best Practices to Drive Engagement - Watch the Recording

Gain insights into best practices and how to drive ALICE engagement across properties. Let's start setting goals to excel with ALICE in 2022! This webinar is intended for manager-level or corporate-level users.

November 2021

ALICE Housekeeping & New Feature Sneak Peek - Watch the Recording

Review ALICE Housekeeping and get a sneak peek into ALICE’s Turndown BETA feature.

October 2021

ALICE Guest Messaging | SMS & Broadcasting - Watch the Recording

Learn more about the benefits and best practices of SMS and Broadcasting in ALICE.

September 2021

ALICE Preventative Maintenance | Product Update - Watch the Recording

Review how to manage Preventative Maintenance for equipment assets in ALICE. Get a sneak peek into the BETA Rooms Tracker feature.

August 2021

ALICE User Management | Roles - Watch the Recording

Learn more about Roles and User Management in ALICE.