Update EID for Single Sign-On Users

To enable users to log in via Single Sign-On (SSO), each user will need to have an Enterprise ID number (EID) associated with their user profile. The EID number can be updated individually or in bulk.

User Type & Roles

To perform this action in ALICE, the user must have at least Hotel Admin User Type or Hotel User Admin User Type access.

Things to Consider

  • Each user will need an SSO ID. This field is visible in the individual user profile, but can also be updated in bulk via the “Batch Add/Edit Users” option. This step is completed by the property. Step-by-step instructions to complete this are included below.

  • The SSO ID or EID does not have to be the same as the ALICE Username.

  • To enable the ability for non-SSO users to log in to the ALICE account with ALICE login credentials rather than SSO, contact our support team at support@actabl.com.


Download a list of your existing ALICE users from the “Manage Users” tab in ALICE Admin.

  1. Access ALICE Admin, then select “Manage Users”.

  2. Use the checkbox at the top of the user list view to select all of the users who will need to have SSO enabled.

  3. Select “Batch Add/Edit Users”.

  4. Select “Download Selected Users”. An excel file will be downloaded onto your computer.

  5. Open the file and find the SSO ID column.

  6. Input the SSO ID for each user.

  7. Save the template.

Upload the User template updated with the SSO ID Information included.

  1. Return to ALICE Admin and the “Manage Users” tab.

  2. Select “Batch Add/Edit Users”.

  3. Select “Upload Sheet”.

  4. Select the template that you have saved in the previous steps. The template you are uploading should include the SSO ID for each user. 

Once the template is uploaded successfully, the user will be prompted to log in with SSO instead of their ALICE login credentials.