Guests Tab

Guests Overview

The Guests tab houses reservation information in ALICE and consolidates guest-related ALICE activity into one space. This information can be added manually but is most effective when integrated with the PMS system on the property. Here, you can find information including:

  • Guest name

  • Reservation duration

  • Tickets associated with the guest

  • Saved guest itineraries

The Guests tab is also where broadcast messages would be initiated.



Things to Consider

  • The “Guests” tab name is customizable and may be named differently according to property needs. (Ex: Residentials may use the term “Residents” in lieu of “Guests”.)

  • The list view is configurable by user. Each individual user can use the gear icon to enable columns that they want to see when logged in.

Best Practices

  • Advanced Search/Filters can help narrow the Guests tab list view to quickly find information about guest reservations. Advanced search is able to search for the following information. :

    • Name

    • VIP 

    • Room

    • Confirmation #

    • PMS Status 

    • PMS ID

    • Phone

    • Email

    • Group

    • Days

    • Arrival Date

    • Departure Date

    • Status Filters

    • Language

    • Late Check-Out

    These fields require exact values to search and cannot do partial searches.

  • If multiple guest requests need to be added for one guest, initiate these tickets from the Guests tab to have guest information pre-populate on the ticket.

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