Local Tab

Local Overview

The Local tab is a vendor database to store a property's preferred vendors. The vendors added to this database can be specifically referenced in tickets internally, as well as itineraries and confirmation letters provided to guests.


Things to Consider

  • Guest Requests can be initiated from a vendor record with the “+Guest Request” button.

  • Select the “printer” icon within vendor details to print information for a guest from the vendor record. Concierge Notes, Guest Disclaimer, and Google Maps Directions can all be added/printed to the vendor details.

Best Practices 

  • Use the search bar or Advanced Filters within the Local tab to quickly find a vendor record. Advanced search is able to search the following criteria:

    • Vendor Name

    • Tags

    • Status

  • Avoid using personalized tags (For example: “Connie Concierge Top 10”) as tags cannot be edited or removed when there is turnover on the property. Instead, use the heart icon to keep a list of user-specific favorites.

  • Determine consistent practices for creating Tags to make searching easier for staff.


Vendor Fields

Field Name


Field Name



Note if the vendor information being added references a company or a specific contact.


Enter the name of the vendor. When contact is selected as “Type”, enter Last Name, First Name in the designated fields.

Phone No.

Contact number for the vendor.

Alternate Phone

Additional contact numbers (if available).


Inbound email address for the vendor.


Primary Website URL

Alternate Website

Additional Website URL (if applicable)

Alternate Website Label

Unique Identifier for Alternate Website URL

Guest Disclaimer

Include any pertinent information intended for the guests. This information will populate onto itineraries and confirmation letters automatically.


Include the vendor logo (optional)


Include any additional attachments. (Menus, waivers, or registration forms)


This checkbox is for reference purposes only. This field does not impact the visibility of the vendor in searches or dropdowns.


Vendor Google review rating. This can be edited by the user adding the vendor.


Vendor price scale populated from Google. This can be edited by the user adding the vendor.


Populated automatically by Google Places data. This field is not searchable within Local tab.


Keywords/labels to categorize the vendor. These fields are searchable within the Local tab.


Description of vendor service offerings. This information will display on Confirmation Letters and Itineraries.

Hotel Notes

Internal notes for property staff only. This information does not populate on itineraries or confirmations but can be helpful in providing property-specific recommendations.


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