Log In with Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to login to ALICE using their property’s SSO solution.

User Type & Roles

This feature is available to any user in ALICE who is a part of a group or property with SSO configured. 

Things to Consider

  • To log in with Single Sign-On, it must first be configured for the account.

  • To inquire about Single Sign-On, contact your customer success manager or email support@actabl.com

  • While the user interfaces shown below are from the mobile app, the process for logging in with SSO on web and mobile is the same.

  • To enable the ability for non-SSO users to log in to the ALICE account with ALICE login credentials rather than SSO, contact our support team at support@actabl.com.

  • Download this template memorandum to share this information with staff.



  1. Navigate to the login page on web or on mobile.

  2. Select “Single Sign-On” below the “Sign In” button.

  3. Use the search field to enter the hotel group. Select the group when it appears in the search.

  4. Select “Sign In”.

  5. Enter the Enterprise ID and password. These are your SSO login credentials, not ALICE login credentials.

  6. Select “Sign In”.

If you attempt to login with your ALICE login credentials after SSO is set up for your property you will receive an error message, redirecting you to use the Single Sign-On option.

If ALICE is unable to authenticate your SSO credentials you will receive an error that directs you to your Hotel Admin or Property Champion for assistance. ALICE Support is unable to retrieve your SSO login credentials as these are set up through your property.