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  • Location Groups should be uploaded prior to uploading Locations.

  • The maximum number of characters available for Location Groups is as follows:
    Floors and Section Names - 10 characters.
    Room Types - 4 characters

  • Each Location Group should be unique. For example, if each floor of the hotel has housekeeping “Section A”, the Location Groups must have a way to differentiate Floor 1, Section A from Floor 2, Section A.

  • Location Groups and Locations should be added during the account launch. To upload/edit Location Groups/Locations in bulk for active accounts, reach out to for assistance.

  • If uploading Locations for use with Housekeeping, Locations must match exactly to the format of locations (room numbers) in the PMS. Leading zeros matter!

  • Each room should only belong to 1 Floor. If the room does not belong to a particular floor, consider adding a Location Group called “Common Area/Public Area” to keep these rooms grouped together. 

  • The Locations list is accessible in ALICE Admin to Hotel Admin users only.

  • Selecting the Guest Room checkbox (as appropriate) is critical for accounts that use Preventative Maintenace Maintenance and/or Housekeeping.

Jump to “Add Location Groups


  1. Select “Locations” from the ALICE Admin menu.

  2. Select “Add Location”.

  3. Enter the Location details

    Name: Enter a name for the area (Ex: Lobby) or guest room. Ensure that guest room names match exactly if there will be an integration with Housekeeping.

    Guest Room: Select the checkbox if the location is a guest room. This step is critical for accounts that use Preventative Maintenace Maintenance and/or Housekeeping.

    Phone/Intercom (optional): Enter a room-specific contact number.

    Credits: Enter the number of Housekeeping credits assigned to the room.

    Location Groups: Add any Location Groups. Location Groups must be added prior to adding the Location Groups into this field.

  4. Select “Save” to add the Location to the list.