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A Housekeeping Manager is responsible for the success of the housekeeping department. Manages This role manages the inspection process to adhere to cleanliness standards. Purchases supplies and negotiates contracts with vendors. Manages , manages labor productivity and the timeliness of turning rooms over. Communicates/coordinates They are responsible for communicating/coordinating with the front office and engineering about damage or maintenance issues. 


  • Creating Housekeeping Boards

  • Managing Room Priorities

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Suggested User Permissions

User Type:


Hotel User Admin

It is recommended to provide Hotel User Admin or Hotel Admin access to allow housekeeping managers to add and maintain their staff.

Roles Settings

Access to the “Ticket List”, “Rooms”, and “Rooms” “Reports” tab.


Access to “Rooms”, “All Rooms”, and “Staff” under Room Assignment Mobile Tabs.


  • “Add”, “View”, “Edit”, “Close”, “Assign” in Housekeeping Facility.

  • “Add” in Maintenance Facility.

  • “Add”, “View”, “Edit”, “Close”, “Assign” in Room Assignment Facility.

 Provide Access to “View” Reports.


Provide or restrict access to guest reservation information as needed using the “Guest Information” section.