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To prioritize a room when a guest is waiting for service, a room can be rushed manually on ALICE Desktop Staff App(webmobile). The room may also be rushed via the PMS integration and the change will be reflected as a room rush in ALICE. To rush a room via ALICE Desktop (web), review Rush a Room- Web.


  1. Select the Room tab on ALICE Staff App (mobile).

  2. Tap a room to access room details.

  3. Tap the Rush icon.

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  4. A confirmation message will appear. Select “Rush” to continue. Select cancel to go back to room details.

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  5. The Rush icon will be highlighted when the room has been rushed successfully.

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To cancel a rush on a room, tap the Rush icon, then tap “Cancel Rush” on the confirmation message to continue.

The Rush icon will be greyed out and the room rush will be removed.