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Gain access to an ACTIVE account immediately. Configure the account and train teams at your own pace!


Step 1: Configure Equipment Logbook

ALICE accounts come set up with a default list of equipment types and preventative maintenance ticket types. Your property champions should review this default information and make updates as needed to ensure that your ALICE account is reflective of your property’s engineering operations.

  • Review default Inventory Item Types and add new/edit existing Inventory Item Types as needed.
    Review Create Inventory Item Types to learn more.

  • Review Default Preventative Maintenance Services. Every Inventory Item Type should have a corresponding Service for tickets. If new Inventory Item Types are created or existing Inventory Item types are edited, ensure these changes are reflected in the Preventative Maintenance Services.

Step 2: Upload Equipment Assets

Upload equipment assets in bulk with the ALICE Inventory Loader. If you’re not ready to upload a complete list of every equipment asset on property at first, prioritize assets and focus on the assets critical to hotel operations first and roll out the remaining assets in phases when you are ready.

Step 3: Schedule PM Equipment Tickets

Initiate tickets proactively for equipment assets to receive preventative maintenance on a regular schedule.

QR Code Setup (optional)

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QR Codes are barcodes intended to link equipment assets to equipment data housed on the ALICE application. Rolling out QR Codes can support a property’s preventative maintenance programs by making it quick and easy for engineers to view information associated with property equipment. 


Review Overview Videos

[🛠 ] The ALICE Preventative Maintenance Learning Hub is a centralized space for all Preventative Maintenance Videos. Access it here: Password: alice-pm

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