Add or Edit a Logbook

A Logbook in ALICE provides space for operations teams to record important information for tracking purposes. Hotel Admin Users have the ability to create and edit Logbooks via ALICE Admin.

User Type & Roles

To perform this action in ALICE, the user must have at least Hotel Admin User Type access.

Things to Consider

  • Logbooks are referred to as “Inventories” in ALICE Admin. The terms “Logbook” and “Inventory” are interchangeable.

  • Logbooks can be used to manage a wide variety of use cases. Review Logbooks to learn more about common Logbooks used across ALICE.

  • Logbooks must have at least one Inventory Item Type created (in ALICE Admin) before Logbook entries/Inventory Items can be added.

  • Users must have access to the Facility via the Tickets section in Roles to have access to the associated Logbooks. Review the screenshot below to learn more about how to grant access to Logbooks through Roles.

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Create a Logbook


Access ALICE Admin

  1. Select a Facility to build the Logbook/Inventory within.

  2. Select “Create Inventory”.

  3. Enter the “Name” for the Logbook/Inventory.

  4. Create an “Identifier Label” for the Logbook. The Identifier Label is the category for entries added to the Logbook. Consider what will be added to the Logbook and note that as the Identifier Label.
    Example: Lost & Found Logbook Identifier Label = Item Description
    Packages Logbook Identifier Label = Tracking Number (or) Package Description
    Equipment Logbook Identifier Label = Equipment Name

  5. Determine which Inventory Settings should be enabled/disabled. Select the checkbox to enable. Leave the checkbox empty to disable.

  6. Add an icon to make the Logbook easy to identify. If no icon is added, the first initial of the Inventory Name is used. To add an icon, select “Choose File” and select a saved image.

  7. Select “Create” to save the Logbook/Inventory.


Inventory Settings

Inventory Setting


Use Case

Enable Locations for Inventory*

Enable a locations dropdown list.

Enable this for Preventative Maintenance Equipment Logbook and Housekeeping Extra Room Items (BETA) only.

Enable Batch Adding

Create Logbook entries in bulk.

Add multiple logbook entries at one time. Ex: Add all Lost and Found items to the Lost and Found Logbook at the end of the shift.

Enable Grid View

Changes the view of the screen from rows to a grid format.

This option benefits residential-type properties with a package room. We do not recommend this view for a traditional hotel setting.

Has Price

Displays a price field when entering a new inventory item.

Log the original price of an Inventory Item for tracking purposes. Ex: Note the initial cost of equipment asset for Preventative Maintenance.

Has Effective Period

Enables an “Effective Period Label” field. This then allows you to input an “expiration date” when logging a new item. 

Note ALICE will not close the item automatically, unless "Expire after effective period end" is turned on.

Properties may have a 90-day policy for Lost and Found.

Assignable to Guest

Enables the ability to assign the Logbook entry to a guest reservation.

Item associated with a guest could include bike rentals, items reported lost, packages, etc.

Once the Logbook/Inventory has been created, it will appear in the Logbook tab.

*Existing customers can update existing equipment logs by upgrading to locations. Review the video below to learn more.

Create Inventory Item Types

Inventory Types are categories to organize Logbook entries/Inventory Items. At least one Inventory Item Type is required. Review the table below for examples of Inventory Item Types.

Logbook Name

Inventory Item Type Example 1

Inventory Item Type Example 2

Logbook Name

Inventory Item Type Example 1

Inventory Item Type Example 2

Lost and Found

Lost Item

Found Item


Packages Incoming

Packages Outgoing




Extra Items (BETA)

Rollaway Beds


  1. Select “Create Inventory Item Type”.

  2. Name the Inventory Item Type. This is the only required field.

  3. Select “Create” to save the Inventory Item Type.

Determine the order of Inventory Item Types by selecting “Sort Inventory Item Types”. Drag and drop Inventory Item Types to the desired order then select “Save”.

Create Inventory Fields

When adding a new Logbook entry/Inventory Item, the default fields available are “Inventory Type”, “Identifier Label”, and “Internal Notes”. To add additional fields to Logbook entries, create additional “Inventory Fields”.

  1. Select “Create Inventory Field”.

  2. Enter Field Details. Required fields are “Name” and “Data Type”.

  3. Select “Save” to create the Inventory Field.


Available Data Types for Inventory Fields

Data Type



Free text field


Attach an image to the Inventory Item.
Reminder: Logbooks are not available on mobile. Images must be uploaded on ALICE desktop (web).

Select One

Dropdown with option to select a single option. 

Select Multi

Dropdown with option to select multiple options. 

File (Multi)

Attach a file to the Inventory Item.

Add Inventory Fields that are specific to the Inventory Item Type by selecting “Create Field” under the Inventory Item Type.

Edit a Logbook

To edit the Logbook Name or Settings, select “Edit”. Then, select “Update” to save changes.

To edit the “Inventory Item Type”, select the Inventory Item Type Name. Then, select “Update” to save changes.

To edit the “Inventory Item Field”, select the Inventory Item Field. Then, select “Update” to save changes.