Now that you have a bit of training under your belt, it’s time to apply that learning in a property-wide rollout!


Encourage Ongoing Learning

Ensure your Property Champions have the ALICE knowledge they need to be successful internal ALICE ambassadors.

Outline ALICE Best Practices

ALICE is a flexible platform that can be configured to meet your unique operational standards. To ensure a successful rollout, document the property-specific best practices that your staff should follow and revisit them regularly. Additionally, here are some best practice recommendations for property champions from our Customer Success Team.



  • Identify property champions - These individuals are the on-site ALICE experts and staff should know they are there to help field questions that come up!

  • Add ALICE to the agenda of recurring meetings - Use daily stand-ups or recurring team meetings as a time to address top of mind ALICE questions, reinforce property standard operating procedures, and reward top users.

  • Listen and incorporate staff feedback - Property champions can make changes that help optimize ticket types (Services) and ticket fields (Service Options). Collect feedback from your staff regularly to ensure the configuration of your ALICE platform is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness.

Determine a Training Strategy

Once you gain momentum with ALICE, discuss a strategy to maintain that momentum long-term. Some questions you may want to consider are:

  • How will you onboard new staff and train them to properly use ALICE?

  • How and where will you document property standard operating procedures?

  • If/when a property champion leaves, who will step into that role?

Please be sure to notify the Customer Success Team of any updates or changes to on-site property champions! If you are unsure of how to get in contact with your Customer Success Manager, please reach out to

Next Steps:

Continued Success