Device Guide

This document details the criteria for mobile devices, browsers, and hardware that are supported by the ALICE platform.

Device Guidelines 

  • Cell phones that runs these operating system versions is supported. *Please note that we do not support iPads or tablets.

  • WIFI capability is required. 

  • Cellular network capability is not required but is highly recommended for customers with poor WIFI infrastructure or in remote areas. 

  • For QR code functionality, the device must be able to scan QR codes.





Supported OS Versions


> Android 11

> Android 12

> Android 13

(Android Go is not recommended)

> iOS 15.x

> iOS 16.x

*** Please note, support of the latest version of OS maintains the ability for system updates which include security updates that protect confidential data. ***

Mobile Devices

Hardware Requirements

Android Devices

  • RAM - 4GB (minimum) 8 GB (recommended)

  • Display - 5-8” (1080p recommended)

  • Camera - 5 mp with autofocus

  • Dual Band Wi-Fi support


IOS Devices

  • iPhones


Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 or Mac OS 10.14 or later

  • Available RAM: 8GB

Internet Browser

(all major modern browser versions are supported)

  • Chrome (Preferred)

  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

  • Safari

  • Firefox

Highly recommended to keep browsers updated to the current latest supported version.


Additional Devices

Barcode Scanners

NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner

  • Automatic Sensing and Scan

  • Handheld BarCode Scanner

  • USB Wired

  • Optical Laser

  • Long Range

  • Standing Bracket Included

  • Plug & Play

  • Simple installation

  • Auto Scan or Manual Scan



Package Log is a great way to put this barcode scanner to work and is compatible with any USB based barcode scanner.

To get started, plug in the scanner into the computer's USB port. ALICE will automatically recognize the device. Then simply scan package barcode. The scanner exclusively captures tracking number.

Electronic Signature Pads

Topaz SigLite T-L460-HSB-R USB

  • USB Interface

  • LCD display for customizability

  • Small size and weight for portability

  • High-quality biometric and forensic capture techniques

  • 3rd-generation touch-screen signing surface for cost efficiency