Property Groups

Property Groups Overview

In ALICE, individual hotels can be organized into groups that encompass a number of individual properties that make up a brand, chain, service level, or region. Some settings and configurations can be managed on the group level to help promote standards and consistency across properties.

Things to Consider

User Access

Users must be granted access to groups in the User Profile.

Consider adding PDX or Call Center users as employees to the group level. This (in addition to access granted in “Roles”) will give them access to a group level Ticket tab.

Best Practices

Use the Portfolio Manager to create ALICE standards across properties.

Property Group Level Settings and Configurations





Portfolio Manager

Manage which properties within the group have certain Facilities, Services, and Service Options enabled/disabled.

Service and Service Options

Add Services and Service Options on the group level to make them available for Guest Requests or Internal Requests at individual properties within the group. To add a Facility, contact


Roles can added at the group level to create Role standardization across properties within the group.


Manage Session Timeout for all properties within the group.

Quick Links

Shortcuts can be created on the group level and will appear at every individual property within the group.

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