Director of Engineering Quickstart Guide

The Director of Engineering manages the maintenance department on the property. This person is accountable for maintaining the building and grounds with particular attention to safety, security, and asset preservation. They contribute to guest satisfaction through a presentable hotel, and employee satisfaction through a well-maintained workplace.  

The Director of Engineering uses ALICE to perform the following key tasks:

  • Schedule, assign, and track progress of proactive and reactive maintenance work.

  • Evaluate trends and identify opportunities for efficiencies.

  • Collaborate cross-departmentally to schedule Preventative Maintenance.

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Suggested User Permissions

User Type: Employee

Roles Settings

Access to the “Ticket List”, “Logbooks”, “Guests”, and “Reports” tabs

Access to Tickets

  • “Add” in Housekeeping Facility.

  • “Add”, “View”, “Edit”, “Close”, and “Assign” in Maintenance Facility.

  • “Add”, “View”, “Edit”, “Close”, and “Assign” in Preventative Maintenance Facility.

Access to “View” and “Contact Info” in Guest Information

Access to “View” Reports