Virtual Training Consultations

Our ALICE experts meet you where you’re at…
wherever you are in the world!


Once your dates have been confirmed, your dedicated Customer Success Specialist will send a tailor-fit training schedule and zoom information to access the training.

Property Training Best Practices

To make the time as successful as possible, we ask that you are prepared for training in the following ways:

  • Ensure property champions are available for ALL sessions. Property champions will be your internal go-to users to help answer staff questions as they come up.

  • Decide if you will be joining the meeting as a group or individually. If you plan to join as a group, set aside a quiet communal place to meet. We suggest having a space to project the computer screen so everyone can see the point and click training.
    If you plan to join individually, make sure everyone has access to a desktop computer to view the training. Audio can be accessed on the computer or via a telephone number provided in the Zoom Invitation.

  • Ensure staff can attend the appropriate sessions for their role. Make a list of who needs to attend each session so no one gets forgotten!
    ALICE Admin Training: Property Champions, Department Managers/Directors

    Desktop Training: Property Champions, Front Desk, Concierge

    Housekeeping Desktop Training: Property Champions, Housekeeping Managers/Coordinators

    Housekeeping Mobile Training: Property Champions, Housekeeping Managers/Coordinators, Housekeeping Supervisors, Room Attendants

    Preventative Maintenance Training: Property Champions, Director of Engineering, Engineers

Training Schedule

Properties that have purchased all products on the ALICE platform can expect to go live in as little as 2 days!

We’ll work with you to determine a training schedule that works best for your teams to ensure everyone on property has a working knowledge of ALICE and is ready for rollout!

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