Add or Edit Message Automation - SMS

Automatically send an SMS message template to a group of guests that fall within certain criteria, on a scheduled basis.

User Type & Roles

To perform this action in ALICE, the user must have at least Hotel Admin User Type access.

The user must have “Can Manage Chat Message Templates” enabled within their user profile.

Things to Consider

  •  If the automation rule is based on PMS Status, the property must have an API integration with their PMS. Automation rules based on PMS Status are not compatible with reports parsing at this time.

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Add Message Automation


  1. Select “Message Automation” from the ALICE Admin menu.

  2. Select “Add”.

  3. Enter the Message Automation details.
    Automation Name: Input the name of the automation rule here.
    Suggested naming convention: {Hotel Name} - {Message Template Name} - SMS

    Send When: Select whether the message will trigger by date (based on the reservation start or end date) or Reservation - PMS status (To use PMS status, this field must what is received from the PMS exactly. To preview the Reservation PMS Statuses used in your account, view the PMS Status column in the Guests tab.)

    Message Template: Select the appropriate message template to send. Learn more about how to Add or Edit Message Templates.

    Include International phone numbers: A phone number is considered international if outside the hotel country. Enabling this setting allows you to text international (when supported by the number assigned to your property). However, it will incur extra charges for the guest receiving the message. 

    Include guests with existing conversations: Enable - Engages guests with active conversations.  

    Do not send messages in the x days following the last automated message: Enable, then set a limit of automated messages to avoid spamming guests.

  4. Select “Save” to add the automation rule.

Edit Message Automation


  1. Select Message Automation from the ALICE Admin menu.

  2. Select a Message Automation to highlight.

  3. Select “Edit”.

  4. Update the Message Automation details as needed.

  5. Select “Save” to update the Automation rule.


To automate based on both PMS Status and date, please see this Broadcast Automation guide.