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Equip your front desk agents and concierge teams with the tools to exceed guest expectations. Level up your guest satisfaction through personalized services.


With ALICE, your teams can:

  • Ensure complaints reach the right team members and anticipate public feedback on social channels.

  • Stay organized and return items faster through lost and found management.

  • View each request from start to finish.

  • Escalate if requests are not completed on time. 

  • Ensure details don’t get overlooked between shift changes by utilizing task reminders.

  • Curate a vendor database through the Local tab.





Gain access, train teams, and customize setup


Below is a list of tasks broken down by subject and progressing as you learn. All the steps come with dedicated resources to guide you through step by step.


Step 1: Gain Access

User Management: See your property champion to generate a username/login if you do not already have one. The property champion will need to grant all staff access to the system by generating usernames. 

Property Champions, please use this guide to help you generate new users.


Log In to ALICE: To login into the system, please follow these steps:


Step 2: Train Teams

Training: Once logged in, use this structured training plan to learn and apply your learning. Challenge yourself to add examples to the system as you learn them. If you are in a live environment, remember to add a note on the tickets calling out that these are examples or training tickets. This will help ensure other team members do not think these are real tickets. Contact your Property Champion to delete any sample tickets after you are done.


Ticket Dispatching

  1. Start with creating a Guest Request, guest requests are always linked to a guest reservation

  2. For completing tasks between departments, learn how to add an Internal Request

  3. When tasks have similar details, you can Copy a Ticket

  4. Ensure no ticket gets overlooked by setting Reminders

  5. Now let’s organize all the tickets we’ve created by customizing the Ticket Dashboard

  6. For repetitive tasks, watch how to dispatch a Repeating Ticket

  7. To edit or cancel Repeating Tickets, see how Ticket Management works

  8. Keep service consistency by learning how to Create and Complete a Checklist

  9. Looking for a specific ticket or want to pull a report? You can use Advanced Filters

  10. Add a Pinned Note to communicate a message to the whole team or a specific department


Preferred Vendors 

  1. Have your list of preferred vendors handy by Adding Vendors to your local tab

  2. Learn to Edit Vendor details to have your vendor database up to date


Confirmation letters & Itineraries 

  1. When guests book a single service, learn to Create and Send a Confirmation Letter

  2. For guests with several services reserved, Craft a Personalized Itinerary for them


Guest Tab & Broadcasting

  1. Find guest records and reservation information on the Guest Tab

  2. Communicate announcements to your in-house guests by Broadcasting an Email


Step 3: Customize Setup

Request OpenTable Integration (optional)

ALICE integrates with OpenTable to make assisting with guest reservations simple! Actabl support can help you set this up as needed. If you are interested, please reach out to us through


Tailor ALICE to your unique operation (Hotel Admin level user type only)

  1. Add or Edit Service Options to match your services

  2. You can go deeper to tailor your services by adding or editing Dropdown Service Options

  3. Add your preferred websites and files to ALICE by Creating Quicklinks

  4. Configure Logbooks to keep track of important information or items

  5. Create or edit Roles and Permissions to manage staff access


Onboarding Completed



Want to take your learnings a step further? Reinforce what you have learned with our ALICE Desktop Certification and share it with your team!

You will receive a badge once you complete the certification.


That’s it! You are now ready to start using ALICE! 

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