Housekeeping Room Trends Report

View the distribution of tasks and cleaning times.

User Type & Roles

To perform this action in ALICE, the user must have at least Employee User Type access.

The user must also have the following settings within “Roles” enabled”

  • Access to “Reports” tab.

  • Access to “View” Reports.

Things to Consider

  • Time filter defaults to “Today”. Change the timeframe using the dropdown.

  • This report is available to customers who have purchased Housekeeping only.

Terms & Definitions

Cleaning Task Distribution

A table view with each room attendant’s full name on the y axis and the cleaning task types on the x axis. View the number of rooms assigned to each room attendant by cleaning task.

Cleaning Time per Room

The sum of the time taken to move a room from a “Start” workflow status to a “Clean” workflow status. Time spent in a “Pause” workflow status is not counted toward total time.

Average Time to Clean per Room

Based on Cleaning Time per Room, this displays the representative time the room takes to clean.