Add or Edit Checklists

Manage checklists from within ALICE for any department. A Checklist is a Data Type within Service Options. Review Add or Edit Service Options to learn more about Service Option Data Types.

User Type & Roles

To perform this action in ALICE, the user must have at least Hotel Admin User Type access.

Things to Consider

  • Checklist fields have a maximum character limit of 255 characters.

  • Checklists can be added to your account in bulk during the account launch. Submit Checklist information to your Customer Success Specialist via the intake forms.

  • Checklists are created within Service options. To access, first select a Facility then scroll down to the Services section. Review Add or Edit Service Options to learn more.

Jump to “Add a Checklist Service Option

Jump to “Edit a Checklist

Add a Checklist Service Option


  1. Select the Service to highlight, then select “Add Service Option”

  2. Name the Service Option. The name can be as simple as “Checklist” or more specific to the type of checklist/checklist section name.

  3. Select the “Checklist” in the Data Type field. Review the Service Option settings.
    ”Enable Check All Button” will give staff the ability to mark Checklist items in bulk
    ”Enable Weight for Items” is used for the formal Housekeeping Inspection Checklist and will provide a score for the checklist.

  4. Select “Add Item” to begin adding Checklist Items.

  5. Use the “Item Name” field to capture the main action/item/step of the checklist. Use the “Item Description” (optional) to provide additional information if needed.

  6. Repeat steps 3-4 as necessary to add to the checklist.

  7. Select "Create" to save

To create multiple sections within a checklist, create a separate Service Option per section.
The screenshot below shows how a checklist can be configured with multiple sections in ALICE Admin and how this checklist will appear on ALICE Desktop (web) and ALICE Staff App (mobile).


ALICE Desktop (web)


ALICE Staff App (mobile)

Edit a Checklist

Changes to checklists are not applied retroactively.
To apply checklist changes to existing tickets, the tickets must be deleted and recreated.
To apply checklist changes to tickets on a repeating cadence the repetition must be deleted via the Repeating Tickets Manager, then the repetition can be recreated.


  1. Select the Checklist Service Option to open the edit window.

  2. Edit the content of the Service Option fields as needed.

  3. To reorder the list of items, click and hold the arrow icons to drag and drop the items into the desired order.

  4. Select “Update” to save.