Configure Extra Room Items

Extra Room Items allow housekeeping teams to track room-specific amenities that are not normally included with the room, like cribs and rollaway beds.

User Type & Roles

To perform this action in ALICE, the user must have at least Hotel Admin User Type access.

Things to Consider

  •  Items can be added and seen on AM or PM boards based on availability and will remain in the location until they are removed. 

  • Room History tracks items as they are added or removed from rooms. 

  • Spotlight rooms or use the filters in the “unassigned” rooms section on web to easily locate Extra Items.

  • Extra Items can also be viewed via Logbooks, if the item is added to a room, the location will be visible in the “Room # or Location” column

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Configure Extra Room Items Logbook


  1. In ALICE Admin, navigate to the Room Assignment Facility. 

  2. Select the checkbox for “Enable Inventory Loader”. 

  3. Select “Update” to Save.

  4. Create an “Extra Room Items” Logbook within the “Room Assignment” Facility. 
    Name: Extra Room Items
    Identifier Label: Item
    Enable Locations for Inventory.
    Select “Create” to save.

  5. Add Inventory Types per amenity item. For example “Rollaway Beds”, “Cribs”. 

For directions on how to create a logbook reference: “Add or Edit a Logbook”

It is not necessary to add inventory item fields. 

Add Extra Room Items to Logbook in Bulk


  1. Navigate to the Logbooks tab, then select the Extra Room Items Logbook.

  2. Select “Add Extra Room Items” 

  3. Select “Multiple”, then select “Download Blank Sheet”.

  4. Open the template sheet and enter the Extra Room items.
    Use the “Name” column to enter a unique identifier for each Extra Room item.
    Use the dropdown in the “Inventory Item Type” column to assign each Extra Room Item a Type.
    Leave Room # or Location column blank unless the Extra room item is assigned to a known location.

  5. Return to ALICE, Extra Room Items Logbook. Select “Add Extra Room Items” to access the inventory loader.

  6. Select “Upload Sheet”

If the sheet has errors, a message will appear to notify you that changes need to be made. Follow the instructions in the message to download the sheet and review the highlighted cells to resolve the errors.

When Extra Room Items have successfully been added to the Extra Room Items Logbook, they will become available to be added or removed via the Rooms Tab on ALICE Desktop (web) and ALICE Staff App (mobile).

Individually Add Extra Items to Logbook

Extra Room Items can also be added to the Logbook one-by-one.

Review Individually Add Inventory Items to Logbook to learn more.