User Management

User Management Overview

ALICE has an unlimited user model giving properties the freedom to add as many users as needed. Unique usernames, “User Type”, and customizable “Roles” control user access in the platform.



Things to Consider

  • Users who have been added as Hotel Admins or Hotel User Admins can add, invite, and manage contacts in your account. 

  • User management in ALICE takes place in ALICE Admin. To access this space, you must have Hotel Admin or Hotel User Admin User Type enabled. 

  • For new accounts, Hotel Admin and Hotel User Admin User Types are typically enabled for managers and department heads. To get more information about who the Hotel Admins are at your property, contact

  • User management settings and configurations are located in the “Roles”, “Security & Data Privacy”, and “Manage Users” tabs in Admin. 

Best Practices 

New Accounts - Prior to Adding Users

  • Configure Password Policy in ALICE prior to adding any new users to the platform. 

  • Create permission templates to control staff visibility and access through “Roles”. Consider creating one role in ALICE for every department/job role on property.

  • Make a decision about which users will be given Hotel Admin or Hotel User Admin User Type. Note that Hotel Admin users have full access to add, edit, or delete ALICE items, settings, and configurations.

All Accounts

  • Use personalized usernames for each staff member to increase visibility and accountability for actions taken in ALICE. Avoid using usernames tied to devices or generic usernames shared between staff members. 

  • Usernames must be unique to the ALICE platform, not just your property. An error message will display if the username is taken. Create a naming convention for users with a unique identifier, like the property name or abbreviation. (Ex: Jane Doe, the General Manager at Hotel XYZ; Username: J.DoeXYZ)

  • An email is not required to create a user account in ALICE. However, it is recommended to add a work email for all users—particularly admin users—when available as some notifications can be set up to send via email. 

  • Search and Filter the user list. Learn more about the user list and available search/filter options below. 


Use these fields to search by user-specific search information


Search for users by Job Title/Position


Facility Filter - Select a Facility from the dropdown. Only one Facility filter can be applied at one time. 


Roles Filter - Select a Role from the dropdown to filter the user list to any users with the selected Role(s) applied. Multiple Roles can be selected from the dropdown. 


User Type - Select a User Type from the dropdown to filter the user list by Employee, Hotel User Admin, or Hotel Admin User Types. 


Status - Select a status from the dropdown to view all Active, Deactivated, or Locked users. 


Action Buttons - Use the action buttons to add, edit, manage, and delete users. 


User List - View all users associated with your account in the list view. 

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